Autumn Favourites

I am, I have too admit, a bit late on the old Autumn style but better late than never. Personally my favourite season is Winter, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t still get excited when October finally arrives and it becomes acceptable to wear oversized jumpers with leggings and not look lazy.

Skincare and Makeup Favourites

As we welcome Autumn back, we also say hello to new makeup trends (berry lips, and smoky eyes are definitely the main of the few), but when we say hello to this, personally I also say goodbye to soft, moisturised skin and I have to be a lot more careful. I have no complaints on having an excuse to go and shop for skincare but I always struggle to find the perfect moisturiser and I am happy too say… I HAVE FOUND IT!

It is the ‘Nivea, daily essentials, oil-free moisturising day cream’, for oily and combination skin (which is definitely me). It says, on the tube, that it doesn’t clog the pores, helps regulate the skins oils and it revitalises the skin. I have to say it does all of these things are more. It leaves my skin feelings soft, clean and matte, whilst providing a perfect base for my makeup. It doesn’t, like I have found many other day creams to do, leave my skin feeling as if it has a layer of something on top of it, it sinks in and leaves my skin smooth and beautiful. I LOVE THIS STUFF!


This leads me on to my next product of the season, my favourite BB Cream is actually the same brand, it’s the ‘Nivea, daily essentials, BB Cream’. Mine is the shade ‘light’, and it is just as good as the moisturiser and them both together is a match made in heaven. It says on the tube, that it evens skin tone, provides a matte effect, cover imperfections, illuminates complexion, and it has SPF 10. It you aren’t keen on the matte finish and prefer a dewy base or you like a lot of coverage, then this might not be the BB cream for you, but if you want a little bit of colour with built-in moisturiser, long-lasting wear and flawless looking skin, then go buy this now!!


Another obstacle I have to face as the colder months begin, are chapped lips. There is nothing I hate more than the feeling of dry, sore lips. And, personally my favourite lip balm is.. what a surprise it’s another Nivea product. I just love Nivea now-a-days! ‘Nivea essential care’ lip balm is so good for the lips and it leaves my lips feeling back to their regular self instantly.


Some makeup brushes I have been loving recently are the following ones:


From left to right:

  •  The first one is the Real Techniques expert face brush, this brush is my holy grail for buffing in BB Creams, foundations, concealers and powders. I love love love this brush, I am so glad I bought it. I purchased it in a Superdrug and it was about £8.00 in the sale!
  • The lower angled brush is one by Seventeen, this is only brush I use on my eyebrows, I believe this was about £5.00 and it’s really good.
  •  The orange tipped fluffy brush is by Models Own and is a really soft powder brush, it applies so well and gives me a light wash of any powder I use. I bought this in a pack with two other brushes.
  •  The next one you can’t see as well but it is a flat eye shadow brush from Seventeen, it applies my shadows perfectly and I love it.
  •  The orange handled brush is a fluffy Models Own (got this in a pack) eye shadow brush. I use this to get really nice blended creases! Love this brush.
  •  The last brush I have been loving is the flat-topped fluffy buffing brush by Seventeen. I use this for contour, it applies beautifully!!!

I can’t go anywhere without mascara, its my favourite part of my makeup look and these are my favourites.


From left to right:

  •  The first is the Maybelline Lash Sensational. This mascara is absolutely amazing, it makes my lashes look 10x more thick and luscious. It is also really separating as well which is great.
  •  The middle one is another Maybelline mascara and its the Falsies, I have it in the colour Black widow. This is a great mascara for shorter lashes as it makes them look really thick and lengthens whilst lash sensational is more for longer lashes.
  •  Funnily enough the last mascara is Maybelline and its the Mega Plush Volum’ Express. This gives more clumpy looking eyelashes and you see that through the brush but it makes it look subtle and beautiful and I love it.

I thought I would show you a eye shadow look that I have been wearing none stop this season, the look includes: Maybelline’s colour tattoo cream eye shadow in the shade ‘On and On Bronze’, my favourite autumn palette by MUA called ‘Heaven and Earth’ which has 12 beautifully pigmented shimmery colours, and then just some of Maybelline’s mascara called Lash Sensational. (Mind my eyebrows in the following pictures, I need to visit the salon asap)





I do have a lot more Autumn favourites but I can’t fit them all into this blog post, so I will do hair and other favourites in new posts soon! Hope you enjoyed this post, love you all,

Livi x


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Sarah says:

    What a coincidence, half of these products are in my make up bag too! Nivea tinted moisturiser is one of my go to staples and my current mascara is the lash sensational (which I find stays on really well but consequently is quite hard to get off – a bit sticky?)


    1. Livi Kemp says:

      I love a tinted moisturiser when it comes to quite heavy days in the winter! I find that with the lash sensational too, but too me I think it is worth it! Thank you for commenting and following it means a lot!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sarah says:

        Me too, I find it means I can just top up with a little foundation and concealer so it gives a lighter finish. My favourite mascara is the benefit one but it’s pretty pricey for everyday use. You’re very welcome, thank you also!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Livi Kemp says:

        Exactly! I have the bad girl lash, but I find I only reach for it on special occasions as I don’t want to use it all up!


      3. Sarah says:

        Benefit makeup is definitely a luxury, on a day to day basis it’s definitely more Maybelline or Rimmel!


      4. Livi Kemp says:

        I agree with you completely!

        Liked by 1 person

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