Autumn Favourites- Hair, Nails, and more…

I couldn’t fit all of my autumn favourites into my last post, so this is a second part. Went for a walk today and the fallen leaves were so beautiful, I really love this season.

Hair care Favourites 

These are my three favourites so far:


From left to right:

  • First is some hairspray by Pantene Pro-V in ice shine, extra strong hold. In the summer, I was trying out some really great natural hairsprays from minerals and oils and they are great for hot summer days, but as the wind kicks in my hair needs a little more grip, and this is my holy grail hairspray. It gives a little bit of a crispy texture but I think that goes away, I got mine for £5.95
  •  Then it is the Toni and Guy, sea salt spray which I have to say is the best sea salt spray out there. Two sprays and my hair is full of messy volume, I recommend this to anyone who wants a stunning hair look in five seconds with texture and bounce! I think the price is around £4.99 for 200mls.
  •  Last but definitely not least is my favourite favourite FAVOURITE hair product, I don’t know what I would do without it, and it’s ‘Happy Hair Days’ argan oil intense repair serum. This stuff is amazing, anyone who doesn’t own argan oil should purchase it asap, my hair feels so soft every time I use it. Also, after using this every other day my hair has grown so fast!

Nail Polish

I love Autumn colours they are so pretty, these are my favourites:


Left too right:

  •  The first colour is a deep plum shade with a touch of shimmer. It is by Rimmel (shade 193, ‘black cherry’) and it’s a little old but I saw it recently in their nail polish collection.
  • The next is a really shimmery golden shade by China Glaze (shade 1260, ‘mingle with a kringle’). I love this brand, you get a large bottle for a good price! This shade reminds me of leaves and everything great about this season.
  • This isn’t really a colour but it is the Barry M ‘matte topcoat’, it just changes every nail polish shade to matte in about 10 seconds after application!
  • Barry M also released a matte range and I bought the dark maroon (shade 341, ‘crush’),very autumnal!!


I have been loving ‘Foals’ new album this year, they are my favourite band. If you are looking for a new album/band to love then this is your lucky day!

The other songs in the photos are, ‘Sorry’ by Justin Bieber (I know, I know but it is a great song), and the other is ‘Hello’ by Adele, love her and I am so excited too hear her new album!

DSC_0795 DSC_0796

Also I am so excited for Ariana Grande’s new song ‘Focus’ which is being released in three days!


Autumn and Winter are the seasons for scarves, hats and giant coats, and I have to say I can’t wait for cold days with boots and woolly socks. The pictures below perfectly describe my outfit for a cosy day in or out, also you get a shot of me in my favourite dressing gown and tea. I am tea person, not a fan of coffee but I am weak when face to face with good cup of tea.

DSC_0798 DSC_0797 DSC_0799

Hope you liked this post, see you later.

Livi x


ps. thank you so much for 5 followers, it seems stupid but that’s so exciting for me, hope there is much more of you in the future. Please like and comment your favourites for this season! x

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