First post of 2016!!

I know it’s terrible, that my first post of 2016 is on the 19th January and that my last post was ages ago, but I have been mega

I really wanted to wait until I had something really interesting to write about but I think I have bloggers block, which is pretty difficult as I have only posted three things (thank you for all the lovely comments and likes by the way)!

During the Christmas holidays, I spent time with my family, including going to Winter Wonderland, which was amazing. It was buzzing with festivities and happiness, this was good because I  was not feeling as Christmassy as I usually do. I throughly enjoyed it, and will definitely recommend to any family who wants to get out of the house around Christmas time!!


As I do every year I made myself a list of things I wanted to do differently this year, or things I wanted to try and do more of. But this year, instead of setting myself goals such as ‘eat healthier’ or ‘go for a run every weekend’ which I promise I’ll start and then never complete, I decided to along with those classics, give myself two resolutions that I would love to do, those were:

• Take more photos. Photography is actually a great hobby of mine and I love taking my camera with me everywhere, I am thinking of getting a tripod (gripping stuff I know).

• Make more smoothie recipes. This may sound like a lead from eating healthier, but I love smoothies and I think they are such a fun way to be healthy, (if you would like I could post some recipes of some smoothies I love??).

I know this was a really short, and probably boring post, but I wanted to get something up for you guys!!

Talk soon,

Livi x


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