My Makeup Geek Z Palette

Hi all, I am so sorry that I have been absent from my blog for a while now! I am currently doing my mock exams and was revising for them all over Christmas time. But something else good did happen during Christmas and New Year… I finally filled up my Makeup Geek palette with individual shadows. For a while now MUGs eyeshadow have been widely recommended as some of the best quality eyeshadows on the market and I have been dying to try them. So, for Christmas, I received the medium size Z palette and knew that it was time I went shopping!

Here is a picture of my palette, I have been non-stop using this since I got it and I am in love with every shade.

The shades in the first row from left to right are:

  • ‘White Lies’- super pigmented bright matte white, really good for a dramatic brow-bone highlight.
  • ‘Phantom’- really beautiful duo-chrome shade, transitions from off white in indirect sunlight to a vibrant lilac in direct sunlight, this adds such a cool look over some of my favourite highlights.
  • ‘Beaches and Cream’- perfect nude toned peach for a base colour all over the lid.
  • The next shade is a Morphe eyeshadow I depotted from my 35W Palette.
  • ‘In the Spotlight’- a gorgeous light peachy pink foiled eyeshadow, so buttery and catches the light so nicely.

    Second row from left to right are:

    • ‘Blacklight’- a lovely duo-chrome, shifts from lilac to turquoise, love this all over the lid to spice up a simple look.
    • ‘Petal Pusher’- I think this might be my favourite shade ever, perfect matte cool toned mauve.
    • ‘Latte’- great matte warm brown, good for brown smokey eyes or neutral lovers, (like me!)
    • ‘Early Bird’- Love this one as well, matte light yellowy orange.
    • ‘Morocco’- this shadow is spoken about a lot in the Youtube world, it is your perfect basic matte orange shade, this one stands out to me because you can build it up so much on the lid yet blend it out easily as well.

      Third row from left to right are:

      • ‘Legend’- stunning foiled warm orangey toned gold, pretty much perfect in my eyes, such good colour pay off.
      • The next one again is one I depotted from the Morphe 35W.
      • ‘Cocoa Bear’- another shade which is hyped about on Youtube. Seriously if you are getting some MUG shadows, get this one. It is so beautiful, its a matte warm red undertoned brown, its not too dark, it’s just amazing.
      • ‘Cabin Fever’- I would say this is the best dark brown shade, it is warm toned though.
      • ‘Bitten’- another extremely talked about shade, it is understandably worth the chat! Lovely matte deep red, super blendable and creamy.

        Overall I love the MUG shadows, I purchased mine from Beauty Bay, and they were delivered within two days which I thought was pretty good. They are all super pigmented and creamy to took. They all have amazing finger swatches as well as brush swatches. The palette I created I would say is pretty good, (if I do say so myself..) as it combines cool and warm shades together, and it has also made me be a bit more playful with colours!

        As a sneaky extra, here is a look I created with the colours: Early Bird, White Lies, Morocco and Bitten. 

        *UPDATE: Here is the link to a post on the look below: Easy Makeup Geek eyelook*

        I hope you are all having a lovely beginning to the New Year and I hope I get to share loads more with you this 2017. Again, thank you for the exciting 2016, it was such a good year for my blog, and I know this year can be just as good!

        I would love to hear your feedback on the look and to know whether you would like a tutorial on it, so comment below, also let me know what your favourite MUG shadows are!

        Thank you for reading,

        Livi x


        14 Comments Add yours

        1. Hello! Nice collection and make up 🙂 Your palette is beautiful, so warm. Best regards, naturenaturelka

          Liked by 2 people

          1. Livi Kemp says:

            Hey! Thank you, I know I’m a lover of warm shades! X


        2. talkmakeuptome says:

          The swatches are gorgeous 😍 Great post x

          Liked by 2 people

          1. Livi Kemp says:

            Wow thank you so much x

            Liked by 1 person

        3. These shadows are so gorgeous! I love your blog girl, and can we just talk about how amazing your brows are? ❤

          Liked by 2 people

          1. Livi Kemp says:

            Thank you so much, you are so sweet ahhh! X


        4. thestyleintervention says:

          Ok now this is the most gorgeous eyeshadow palette ever! Exactly the sort of shades which I love! So much inspiration (not that I need another palette! 😂) xxx

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Livi Kemp says:

            Haha!! I’m so in love with it, it doesn’t stop the need for every other eyeshadow palette in the industry though, I don’t think anything could! Xxx

            Liked by 1 person

        5. These shades are gorgeous! Love the cut crease too….your bottom lashes are sooooo long!! Jealous!! 😍😍


          1. Livi Kemp says:

            Haha! Thank you so much:))) xx

            Liked by 1 person

        6. Rosa says:

          This is way better than a brick & mortar eseailbshmtnt.

          Liked by 1 person

        7. Oyinlolaao says:

          You are amazing for this, I’ve been looking into MUG shadows for a whittle now, and you’ve sold me on them, especially with the third row.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Lia Wood says:

            Mmm definitely the deep shades are the best from MUG because I always struggle finding ones from other brands that aren’t patchy! But these are not!!! Thank you for the kind comment x


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