Southwold Travels


Last week I headed down to Southwold to see some family. I had such a lovely time at the seaside that I thought I would share some of the pictures I took.

Near the sea is my personal favourite place to be, I love the fresh air, the calm atmosphere, the fish and chips (yum). Personally I prefer the beach on a chilly, grey day because it is quite empty except for a few dog walkers and locals, and thankfully that is exactly what is was like during the couple days we spent down there!

This is what my heaven looks like!
The rows of Beach huts lined the sea.


We went down the pier and got some chips!

The town centre was super beautiful and full of so many pastel colours, my camera and I, had a lot of fun!

I really enjoyed stepping away from everything for a bit and taking some time just with family, away from the stress of papers and responsibilities. I think everyone deserves a few calming and relaxing days where they can be with themselves and ones that they love.

Such a cute little lighthouse.


Totally should have grabbed one of these pork pies!

I am also really interested in Fashion Photography, so I could not help but sneak some pictures of my parents!




I really adore this place and I wish I could go back right now and lie on the stony beach! My little patch of heaven!

I know this post is very heavily based on photos but I still hope you enjoyed looking at my images! Please comment below what your favourite place is in the whole world. I’m interested to see where you guys love to be!

I also I am super happy to say that I officially have my own domain!!! I am so proud of this little page and I am so thankful to have my lovely readers. I love and appreciate every single one of you.

My next post is going to be a review on some beauty bits I have purchased over the last month, so, if you wanted this to be a makeup post then do not worry one will be with you soon!

See you again shortly,

Livi x


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Wifeofandtravels says:

    It looks lovely! Love the images of the beach huts with the rainbow, so charming. I grew up by the sea in the UK but now live in central Germany so a bit of a hike to the coast for me these days. Really enjoyed seeing some British seaside pictures, great post.


    1. Livi Kemp says:

      Thank you!! It was a very special day. Wow, Germany sounds amazing though! Xx


  2. The Obsession Begins says:

    Gorgeous photos! So jealous you go to experience it!


    1. Lia Wood says:

      It was amazing! Thank you x

      Liked by 1 person

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