Girl Talk- School+ Relationships💗

This is the first post of a little series I wanted to create for a while! Especially now I have just started Sixth Form and it is all a little daunting.

I decided for the next two years of my life to study A Levels. I have taken Drama, English Literature, Art and Textiles. So far, I am really enjoying all of them. Drama is a tad difficult because I am the only one taking the course so it is super challenging to do practical but I love the subject so much that I want to continue it!

This year, so far, has not been the best and that is why I have not been posting a lot on this blog. I have struggled quite a lot with grief and getting over a pretty horrendous friendship. I have learnt so much about myself and how, even though for last few years I thought I was not, I am actually a very strong person.

Having dealt with all of this for the last few months, I have really taught myself to still keep smiling and try my hardest to look at the good side of things.

I think sometimes you need to take yourself out of your own position and look at it from a different perspective. It’s the only way to really help yourself.

Sorry for the delay on any posts, it’s been the busiest few months❤️

Lia x


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