About the Blogger

Hello, I am the writer of ‘happiness is a piece of cake’.

My name is Lia and I am an aspiring writer and beauty guru. I am 16, and I’m in Year 11, which is super stressful!!!

My blog may be a bit rough around the edges but it is full of stories, adventures, opinions and altogether things that make me happy and hopefully make the reader, you, interested. I am hoping the future is super bright for my blog!

I named my blog, ‘happiness is a piece of cake’ because I saw the saying on a cake knife once and it really stuck with me. Especially as I want to have a food part of my blog one day. I truly believe happiness is something easy to find and happens to everyone. This blog is my happy place and the dream is to make it others.

If you have clicked, ‘about the blogger’, you obviously wanted to know something and if that something wasn’t answered, please feel free to comment anywhere you would like. I would answer pretty much anything to be honest as the idea of someone being interested in anything about me is exciting in itself. Please keep in touch and keep liking, viewing, commenting, following and enjoying.

I am always open for a chat or a quick question so just comment!

Love always,

Livi x